Ransom Canyon Fire Department

The Ransom Canyon Fire Department in Ransom Canyon, Texas would like to welcome you to our site. We hope you enjoy visiting with us, as much as we enjoy you stopping by.

The Ransom Canyon Fire Department is made up of dedicated firefighters/paramedics/EMT's and provides emergency medical, fire, and rescue services. We are also dedicated to fire prevention.

The Ransom Canyon Fire Department fleet consist of:
      Five Trucks
            • 2 pumper engines with 750 gallon tanks
            • 1 E-ONE 1800 gallon tanker/pumper with port-a-tank and quick dump valve.
            • 1 EMS first responder truck outfitted for Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).
            • 1 brush truck for quick attack and grass fires.

Other specialized equipment consists of two (2) gas powered generators, a gas powered water pump, numerous back boards, stokes baskets, extra supply hose and extra Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) tanks.

The Fire Department has mutual aid agreements with all of the other volunteer departments in Lubbock County.

All personnel carry pagers and radios in the event of a call.

Underwater Search and Recovery

The Fire Department has an advanced certified diver with a specialty in Search and Recovery. Our diver is also a professional firefighter and certified EMT who provides our Fire and EMS personnel with water rescue or recovery capabilities as well as evidence recovery for the Police Department.