Welcome to the Ransom Canyon Emergency Operations Center which incorporates the Ransom Canyon Police Department, the Ransom Canyon Volunteer Fire Department and the Ransom Canyon EMS/First Responders.

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is located at the Ransom Canyon Volunteer Fire Department. The purpose of an EOC is to provide a centralized location for information, communications and logistical support in the event of a major emergency. Each emergency department has a designated workstation which includes computer and telephone access and a dedicated radio communication system with dedicated radio frequencies. In the event of a major disaster Ransom Canyon can request mutual aid from other cities.

The EOC will be staffed in accordance with the State mandated emergency plan by the Mayor, who declares the emergency, the Fire Chief, the Police Chief, EMS personnel, the City Operations Manager and the City Administrator. The disaster plan identifies numerous other positions that can be filled with community volunteers. County and state representatives will participate when all of Ransom Canyon’s resources are depleted.

The EOC will be activated in the event of structure or brush fire, storms of all kinds, loss of electricity to the city, chemical or other threat or disaster originating in the Panhandle/South Plains area. The EOC has its own generator. It is a self-contained unit that can supply all of the electrical needs for the EOC.

The whole concept of the EOC is that it is self-sustaining with cooking facilities, showers, sleeping quarters and communications for the duration of an incident or emergency. The EOC has four independent radio systems. A Ham radio repeater is housed here for the amateur radio (Ham) operators.

The EOC can feed live weather data to the National Weather Service and live video of weather events via the web cam. The City is designated as a Storm Ready Community with the National Weather Service. Other Related Links: